Natural Astaxanthin - Naturose

View of cultured Haematococcus in ponds

From the pristine coasts of Hawaii comes NatuRose, nature's alternative to synthetic color. It is produced from Haematococcus microalgae which is cultured year-round in the brilliant sun of Kona, Hawaii. Haematococcus supplies an extremely rich source of astaxanthin in a matrix of carotenoids. NatuRose supplies SS enantiomers, which are the predominant colourants in wild salmonids, encountered in the wild environment. Animals pigmented with NatuRose take on a more natural, even coloration. 

The all-natural NatuRose produces vivid, superior skin colouration in salmonids, sea bream and tropical fish. There are also market advantages in using NatuRose, as it is free of synthetic pigmentation. Chemical synthesis of astaxanthin generates a mixture of optical isomers dissimilar to the wild diet, yielding hues slightly different than those of naturally pigmented fish. By comparison, phaffia yeast only provides the RR enantiomer, which is 6 times less potent than the SS enantiomer present in NatuRose. 

A majority of NatuRose carotenoid is astaxanthin, with 15% of the remaining fraction consisting of canthaxanthin, lutein and beta-carotene. Also important are the high levels of conjugates of fatty acids predominant in natural but not yeast-sourced astaxanthin.  

NatuRose Haematococcus algae has been approved as a feed additive for salmonids by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA 990535 ). The US Food and Drug Administration approval for salmonid feeds was achieved in August 2000 (21 CRF 73.185). 

Sainhall Nutrihealth, founded in 1990, is a leading distributor for health and nutritional products in South East Asia. It is the exclusive agent for NatuRose and the only one stocking pure Hawaiin asthaxanthin.