Trials conducted on Salmonids in the  U.K., Chile, Norway and the US have established the efficacy of NatuRoseTM natural astaxanthin as an effective carotenoid and vitamin source for farmed-raised salmonids. (Norway has been the leading producer of farmed salmon for decades.) The continuous growth of salmonid farming has created an enormous demand for pigments. The flesh colour of salmonids is due to the absorption and deposition of dietary oxygenated carotenoids, primarily astaxanthin.  

Salmonids are unable to synthesize astaxanthin de novo, thus carotenoid pigments must be supplied in their artificial aquaculture diet. Astaxanthin is accumulated in the diet through insects or crustaceans which are ingested by salmonids. Since cold water fish like salmonids have a high level of polyunsaturated fats in their membranes, astaxanthin can effectively protect lipid tissues from peroxidation.

Benefits of NatuRose

  • Farm trials with NatuRose produced salmon with equal or better color scores than synthetic pigments.
  • Atlantic salmon fed with NatuRose had even more natural colored filets. 
  • NatuRose is oil-miscible and ideal for topcoat or vacuum infusion applications. 
  • NatuRose's esterified form provides greater stability than synthetic and other natural sources.  
  • Recommended use in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices   (GMP) at levels that will enhance the pinkish orange colour of salmonid flesh to an acceptable level.