Research and trials conducted in  Sweden, Australia and Japan have demonstrated Haematococcus pluvialis algae as an effective natural pigment for layer and broiler applications. NatuRose, which is derived from this microalgae, provides an ideal carotenoid mix for egg pigmentation. The egg yolk colour is enhanced when poultry are supplemented with astaxanthin. Poultry exhibit significantly higher live weight gain and breast weight than birds fed with conventional poultry diets.   


  • An Australian trial and a research in  Sweden  produced yolks with a poultry color score of 11 at a 6ppm inclusion with NatuRose. (deeper, richer colour of yolks)
  • NatuRose increases fertility, weight gain, and coloration in broiler poultry.
  • In Japan and Australia Haematococcus is used commercially as a natural egg yolk pigment.
  • Decreases mortality of chicken and improves overall health status.