Pigmentation of Japanese Sea Bream, Pagrus major, with NatuRose yields excellent results. A more natural, even colouration is developed with NatuRose as compared to synthetic astaxanthin. Various researchers have noted a 1.7 to 4 fold increase in the skin deposition of esterified astaxanthin (as found in NatuRose) compared to free astanxanthin (predominant in synthetic and yeast forms). Diets of seabream formulated with NatuRose show distinct improvement in hues and distribution. Trials conducted with NatuRoseTM on Sea Bream in several major geographic farming areas have demonstrated its efficacy and in some cases superiority to synthetic pigments.


  • Proprietary trials with NatuRose pigmented flesh evenly and Sea Bream appeared like wild caught.
  • Research in Japan identified esterified astaxanthin as a more superior pigment than synthetic astaxanthin.
  • Cyanotech produces large quantities of NatuRose, assuring a consistent reliable source of natural astaxanthin.