Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are particularly responsive to NatuRose supplementation, resulting in increased market value and consumer acceptance. Swordtails, rainbow mollies, rosy barbs, topaz cichlids and kissing gouramis respond brilliantly to diets supplemented with Haematococcus. Clinical and anecdotal research both in field studies and in trials at the University of Hawaii, have demonstrated NatuRoseTM to be a superior natural pigment to the leading synthetic products. It is also a vitamin source for tropical fish and animals 


  • Proprietary trials demonstrated NatuRose as a superior pigment for freshwater tropical fish.   
  • The same trial produced larger fish than a color enhancing diet containing synthetic pigment.   
  • Discus breeders report NatuRose produces superior coloration than synthetic pigments.   
  • Commercial saltwater aquariums report similar results and restoration of color to older fish.   
  • Easy to apply to fresh or commercial diets.