NatuRose Benefits

NatuRose Natural Astaxanthin is a natural pigment source that promotes animal health and nutrition, primarily in aquaculture. It is a safe, natural source of concentrated astaxanthin - a vital carotenoid in physiology and overall health. Effective skin or flesh pigmentation coupled with improved immunity and stress resistance makes using NatuRose a cost effective and attractive option. NatuRose as a unique pigment source allows you to differentiate your product, allowing a specific group of customers seeking the best quality to pay more for this natural product. There are price premiums paid in market niches worldwide for top quality products and NatuRose can put your product into a premium price catergory. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your produict;s value by adding NatuRose into your feeds.

How is astaxanthin in NatuRose unique

NatuRose provides a mixture of monoester (1 fatty acid attached), diester (2 fatty acids attached), and high concentrations of free astaxanthin in a proportion similar to that of natural krill (feed). Synthetic astaxanthin provides only free astanxanthin, and yeast astaxanthin has very little esterified astanxanthin, thus these forms are inferior to the natural astaxanthin found in NatuRose. Skin pigmentation of sea bream and tropical fish is widely dependent on the deposition of mono- and diesters, thus NatuRose increases the efficacy of this process, giving vivid colouration. <??> 

In fact, NatuRose is unique because it is the only microalgae-derived astanxanthin approved for direct human consumption with no restrictions. This is not true for synthetic astaxanthin or astanxanthin produced from phaffia yeast. Among all these astaxanthin sources, the US Food and Drug Administration acknowledges microalgae-derived astaxanthin as unique and completely safe.

Achieve multiple health benefits

Research and studies have shown that astaxanthin improves immunity, supports cardiovascular health, increases endurance, brings antioxidant protection to the eyes and brain, and even reduces tumors and prevents cancer in different animals.Human_Brain Supplementation of the diet with astaxanthin decreases the period of shrimp postlarval development by inducing molting hormones. In other words, growth rate increases.

Experiments have been done on a horse suffering from a life threatening disease. After feeding it astaxanthin for 2-3 weeks, the animal was free of disease symptoms and able to continue racing and training again. Such miraculous results are not rare with the help of NatuRose.

Also, among humoral factors, serum alternative complement activity increased significantsly in all groups supplemented with astaxanthin, compared to the control group.